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On this cloudy evening , packed up in our home sitting in front TV watching your favorite movie, but at the end of movie you will realize there is no time for cooking for the hungry stomach. Lets take a look for quick and tasty recipe .

Do you love Paneer ? Want to have a delicious spicy recipe with Paneer ?

Before starting this recipe I want to mention few things . Paneer! mostly vegetarians good option for protein as they do not intake meat products , so to gain proteins Paneer is the best ingredient to have.

High proteins , if we talk more deeper paneer has many benefits, which can help us in different ways. Lets also know about Health benefits of Paneer.


Health Benefits of Paneer:

  • Rich in protein
  • Paneer is good for skin . It is packed with antioxidants that gives you healthier looking skin .
  • Even its good for heart as it is made with low fat milk.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Boosts weight loss.
  • Paneer has calcium which helps in building stronger teeth and bones.
  • Paneer also helps us to improve immune system which is main factor that can be helpful for these pandemic days .
  • It is good sources of magnesium that can help in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Woah woah ..learned a more interesting facts about Paneer right , so lets have one of its tasty recipe .

Lets start our recipe with spicy ingredients .

Ingredients for Paneer Spaghetti:

Paneer, Spaghetti, Pepper(Green, red, yellow), small quantity of Green chilies ,tomato, onions, curry leaves, two table spoons of oil, ghee, salt, chili powder.

Preparation of Paneer Spaghetti:

Take a required quantity of Paneer for one pack of spaghetti , slice Paneer into fine pieces , cut all the peppers, onions into small slices.

Wait wait..i have a small puzzle for you

The three brothers from another mother “ can you mention them what are they ?…


yes ! It’s our spicy sweet hot sauces, Green sauce, chili sauce and soya sauce .For every spicy  recipe these brothers are must one or the other can give us yummy taste.

One more thing I want to ask here.. do you that we can eat Paneer fresh?

Yes Paneer can be eaten fresh as it is shaped, moulded and flavored occasionally with mint.

Paneer can also be prepared at our home , its best to use or home made products.

How to prepare Paneer :

Paneer is prepared by curdling milk adding citric acid, vinegar , lemon juice ,butter milk, yogurt (curd).

Lets get into the preparation of Paneer Spaghetti

Part 1:

Take a pan put it on stove , fry Paneer slices in a tea spoon of ghee  , add a pinch of salt and fry it until it turns into brownish color and keep it a side. Now take another pan fill it 2 cups of water and dip his spaghetti into it and wait until its boiled.

Part 2:

Our main ingredients for the recipe are ready.Lets get into next part , take a pan add butter let it melt and add two table spoons of oil , onions , curry leaves , green chili let them fry for a while.

Add peppers (yellow ,red and green) mix it well and a tomato pieces for better  taste , let them cook for a minute .

Add our boiled spaghetti into it , three spoons of salt or as you required for taste , chili powder as spicy as you want,fried Paneer slices ,two spoons of red sauce, green chili sauce , and soya sauce , now mix this mixture well and let them cook for two more minutes. Now finally toppings are must for ending a tasty recipe so add some coriander leaves . ..yummy spicy Recipe is ready… serve it hot .


See how fast you cooked  Paneer Spaghetti recipe in short time.

Interesting facts about Paneer :

  • Eating Paneer at night can have a positive effect on metabolism and overall health.This is because protein consumed at night it is absorbed and digested.
  • According to study , scientists say that consuming 40 grams of protein prior to bed can maximize muscle growth.
  • As Paneer is rich in protein , prevents from breaking down of muscles , this can be helpful in post exercise . Mainly for men who go for gym or do exercise daily to build their body .
  • Having 100 grams of Paneer a day is equal to having 2 eggs .  Egg contain 7 grams of protein where as 100 grams of Paneer contain 14 grams of protein . choose your best .

Want to loose weight?

Add Paneer to your die plan. It is very low on carbohydrates , but has healthy fats which helps you in weight loss .

Does Paneer make you fat ?

Paneer make you fit and not fat .It is a combination of proteins and fats .If you eat paneer in right time and in balanced diet you can be fit always and can gain rich high proteins.

As a high protein , it helps to prevent abrupt hike and decline in blood sugar levels .

How much Paneer for a day?

Doctor says not to consume more in one day , its better to have 20 – 40 grams of Paneer to be healthy .Have little , take a break , try on different recipes , so that Paneer cant make you feel bored.

Health precaution before having Paneer:

Before having anything we should check twice about is benefits and side effects. One who have sensitive digestive system , Paneer can cause bloating , diarrhea, stomach pain . It can also be bothersome for those who are allergic to it

Have a healthy food and live long.

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